We believe that everyone has a seat at the table.

Not sure of the signs that your child may need a feeding evaluation?

Here are a few that we look at while completing an intake.

  • Limited number of foods (e.g. chicken nuggets, or only Mac and Cheese from the blue box)

  • Refusing participation in mealtimes, eating, and/or drinking

  • Lack of weight gain

  • Overstuffing, nibbling, or an increased amount of time at meal time

  • Coughing, choking, or gagging while eating


They will only eat the dinosaur chicken nuggets or will only eat the mac and cheese in the blue box.

Working through an in-depth evaluation to determine sensory profiles, restrictions, and additional impacts, Chatterbox staff work to support your family to make mealtimes less intense and difficult.

Our practices are based responsive feeding, oral motor, and determining possible restrictions.

Sessions are 30 minutes and frequency is determined after the evaluation is completed.


Our therapists provide the highest level of care for those with feeding and swallowing disorders. Through the utilization of e-stimulation and a variety of other therapeutic techniques.

Chatterbox utilizes Ampcare as we believe the difference in protocol, makes a huge difference in our clients and their outcomes.

Sessions are 30 minutes, and frequency is determined on the outcome of the evaluation. Doctor prescription will be required.


Are you seeing soaked shirts from drool? Are you seeing food pocketing in cheeks or falling out of the mouth? Oral motor skills could be lacking to support the development overall development of feeding and speech.

Our staffed is trained and utilize various programs such as Beckman Oral Motor, Talk Tools, and additional supports the change in motor and muscle movements.


By working within the multidisciplinary team, to make sure that the child is centered while beginning to work with their hunger cues to develop the best plan of action.

Individual therapy sessions are established to establish tube transition readiness and work through collaboration with the team to begin the transition to oral feeding.

We want everyone to have a seat at the table.

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