We believe all individuals deserve to receive quality education and care.

School Contracting Services

Chatterbox Therapy Center currently provides services within districts across the state of Texas. If you are interested in providing services within the schools. Our goal is to provide quality care within the communities to service students and families.

We provide top quality support to our staff and therapists while providing benefits, community, and top pay.

Independent Education Evaluations (IEE)

After years of working within the public schools, we noted to provide support to families looking for an unbiased and comprehensive education evaluation within speech therapy.

The purpose of an IEE is to assess the child's educational needs. Parents often request an IEE when the parent has concerns with the progress that the child has made, or if the family disagree with the decision made by the educational team.

We accept limited amounts of IEE's per year and take limited districts. Please call the office today to determine if your child meets the criteria of the evaluations that we provide.

Please note that an evaluation hold will require a deposit of $50.00 paid by the family at the time of booking.



Contact Us Today

Tell us about your child. We also want to hear all the things, brags, and dreams. The more we know the more we are able to support and what is currently happening within the educational setting.


Receive an Evaluation

Chatterbox strives for quick access to services. We listen to your concerns and make your family the priority of the evaluation.


Get the Plan

Our staff will review the plan, complete the evaluation and send to the school district and yourself. We provide the unbiased evaluation that you are seeking.

"Assures you that children are getting the best care"

"It is an absolute pleasure for me to highly recommend Sara Loving, MS, CCC-SLP, AAC, Chatterbox Therapy. She is an excellent speech-language pathologist as well as an extremely knowledgeable and experienced professional. My son experienced tremendous academic difficulties despite my efforts, his struggles remained undiagnosed. Our journey for support began during his first-grade year in 2019. By the end of my son’s fourth grade year, I requested an individualized educational evaluation with Chatterbox Therapy.

The Chatterbox Therapy staff is extremely friendly, accommodating, and knowledgeable. The office environment is professional with a delightful kid-friendly atmosphere. My son and I instantly connected with Mrs. Loving. My son thoroughly enjoyed his appointment and was eager to return. Mrs. Loving’s evaluation generated a highly comprehensive report that uncovered several disabilities.

I strongly encourage anyone looking for a highly experienced and detail-oriented evaluator in the field of speech language pathology to utilize Mrs. Loving’s services. She is up to date with treatment trends and research. She leads with the perfect balance of professionalism and warmth that assures you that children are getting the best care. She seeks out ways to help by pulling from all available resources to meet the needs for any child. My son and I are forever grateful for her and all her support."

Jennifer Smith


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