We believe communication is key to relationships.

Not sure of the signs that your child may need an evaluation for speech and language.?

Here are a few that we look at while completing an intake.

  • Birth–3 months- Not smiling or playing with others,

  • 4–7 months- Not babbling,

  • 7–12 months- Making only a few sounds. Not using gestures, like waving or pointing,

  • 7 months–2 years- Not understanding what others say,

  • 12–18 months- Saying only a few words,

  • 1½–2 years- Not putting two words together,

  • 2 years- Saying fewer than 50 words,

  • 2–3 years- Having trouble playing and talking with other children,

  • 2½–3 years- Having problems with early reading and writing. For example, your child may not like to draw or look at books


Evaluations for speech, language, and fluency all begin with an intake for information of all the amazing things that you see from your child. Our evaluations are based on strengths and determine what area of supports can be put in place with therapy or consultation.

Evaluations vary within pricing with the overall need of assessment. All evaluations come with a written report and parent follow up to discuss results.

Articulation/Language/Fluency $350

Feeding evaluation $350

AAC with trials $1,000 (7 trials and base evaluation)

Dyslexia $1,000

All evaluations will require a $50 deposit to hold the spot due to the time block on the therapists schedule.


Having a hard time understanding what your child is saying? The sounds in their speech are often mispronounced. Are they becoming more frustrated that you aren't understanding their words or sentences?

Chatterbox treats articulation, phonological disorders and speech delays that are impacting the communication and understanding with your child.

Sessions are 30 minutes, and frequency of times per week is determined after completion of the evaluation.


Is your child struggling to follow directions, understand vocabulary or formulating correct sentences? Are they demonstrating difficulty with answering questions? Are they struggling with peer interactions and communication with others?

Chatterbox treats language of expressive, receptive, and pragmatic language that could be impacting their communication with others and their participation.

Sessions are 30 minutes, and frequency is determined after the completion of the evaluation.


Does your child stuttering? Are they demonstrating difficulty with being understood and becoming frustrated at communication with others? Are they beginning to avoid talking and interacting with others?

Chatterbox treats fluency disorders of preschoolers, children, and adults.

Sessions are 30 minutes, and frequency is determined after the completion of the evaluation.

Communication is key in all relationships. We want to support you in that journey.

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